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Enhance Compliance as Software and Technology Regulations Evolve

With the number of data protection and data-sharing initiatives growing exponentially, Regology allows you to strengthen your ethics and regulatory compliance programs as a tech company while staying nimble in new markets and geographies.

Tech-Specific Regulatory Content

Regology enables you to stay on track with the growing scope of big tech regulations by providing you with up-to-date regulatory intelligence both locally and abroad.

Technology Regulatory Compliance

Largest Collection of Laws on One Platform

Our customized law library for big tech companies automatically tracks and updates all applicable regulatory content as the industry evolves. It helps mitigate risks associated with regulatory uncertainty, providing greater visibility on what laws apply today and how, as well as what new legislation is in the works.

The Regology Advantage

Regology’s regulatory intelligence platform helps you reap significant ROI by boosting operational efficiencies, automating manual processes, and holistically mitigating risks at home and abroad.
Protect Your Reputation Protect corporate reputation and avoid fines and bad press by increasing the accuracy and delivery timelines of your regulatory compliance policy updates.
Know About Upcoming Changes Our platform enables you to proactively anticipate regulatory change in any state as opposed to reacting to incoming laws that impact your organization.
Develop Global Policy Structures Create a cohesive matrix of global regulations, policies, risks, and controls to optimize workflows and gain unprecedented clarity of insights.
Enable Greater Automation Eliminate the need for multi-versioned spreadsheets to manage your regulatory compliance needs and spend up to 80% less time on process reviews by automating protocols and manual tasks.

Use Case Content

Ready-to-use content that is applicable to your organization’s business profile and activities.

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