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Regulatory Intelligence for Banking and Financial Services

Our regulatory compliance platform keeps you up-to-date on federal and state banking laws, regulations, and policies, so that you can anticipate potential risks to your financial institutions.

Curated Regulatory Content

Regology provides true regulatory intelligence, keeping you current with applicable laws, regulations, bills, agency press releases, and more.

Regology for Banking - Banking Regulatory Change Management

Scalable, Custom-Built Law Repository

A smart law library designed for your financial institution’s current needs and automatically updated with new requirements and relevant changes to regulations across multiple jurisdictions around the world. The law library includes the world’s largest unified database of laws, all U.S. Federal and State jurisdictions, and international scope.

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The Regology Advantage

Regology’s regulatory intelligence platform helps you reap significant ROI by boosting operational efficiencies, automating manual processes, and having all of your state-by-state banking regulations and compliance programs funneled into one consolidated platform.
Preemptive Risk Management Our platform lets you proactively anticipate change instead of reacting to new laws and regulations that impact your financial institution.
Focus Your Time on What is Relevant Role-based alert routing enables you to document every modification and cut down noise in your focus areas.
Ensure Comprehensive Law Coverage Monitor regulatory change with more than 4,000 data sources, providing insights across all federal and state jurisdictions for the financial sector.
Enhanced Organizational Agility With Regology’s streamlined regulatory intelligence platform, you enable your team with higher levels of automation, the ability to repurpose internal resources towards other business initiatives, and cost reduction in research and compliance.

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Use cases for our platform abound in the banking industry, putting financial institutions ahead of the game in managing regulatory changes worldwide.

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Regology for Your Bank

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