Compliance Management - Risks and Controls
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Manage Regulatory Compliance Intelligently

Our regulatory compliance management solution streamlines processes so your organization can grow and innovate faster.

Efficient Compliance and Risk Management

With Regology, you have access to the largest unified database of regulations in the world, helping you set up compliance programs that are curated specifically for your business. Affordable, accessible, and enabling quick time to value, Regology makes it simple for you to mitigate risks and prove compliance through reporting.
Compliance Management - Risks

Managing Risks

With the ability to create and manage Risks, you can map other objects such as Authoritative Documents, master data, and users to Risks. Searching Risks is easy with flexible filter criteria.

Compliance Management - Mapping Controls

Mapping Controls

Our platform enables Control mapping to other objects such as Authoritative Documents, Risks, master data, and users. Flexible filter criteria allow you to search for Controls that you create and manage.

Compliance Management - Updating Policies

Updating Policies

You can map your company’s Policies to Authoritative Documents and other master data such as legal entities, products, Risks, and Controls. Filtered messaging provides you with instant updates on impacted Policies and Procedures from any potential Authoritative Document change.

Compliance Management - Task Management

Task Management

  • Review Authoritative Documents and collaborate with your team members.
  • Collaborate with your team on Risks and Controls.
  • Conduct compliance runs to prove compliance to the Controls.
  • Work with your team on Control enhancement opportunities.
Compliance Management - Compliance Run

Compliance Run

  • Organize the evidence collection process using Compliance Run.
  • Coordinate with stakeholders during the evidence collection process.
  • Review the evidence and set the status.

How Regology Helps Manage Compliance

Regology filters laws and regulations from the world’s largest unified database of legal content so that only what’s relevant to your organization will cross your desk or demand your time.

Industries We Serve

You can find Regology streamlining compliance management across many industries, especially these key spaces.

Benefits of Compliance Management

Compliance management has never been more streamlined and accessible.

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