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A Platform With Intelligence

Regology identifies and monitors legal content within our global reach of jurisdictions and tailors alerts to your organization’s needs.

By the Numbers

80 %
Less Time Spent on Annual Process Reviews
10 x
More Applicable Laws Tracked and Mapped to Risks and Controls
7 M
Laws tracked monthly
Regulatory Intelligence - Regulatory Change Management

Regulatory Change Management

Giving your organization access to the most current legal content from around the world, our platform provides you with the risk and regulatory change management solution of advanced intelligence.

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Smart Notifications Receive instant updates tailored to be exclusively relevant to your organization’s legal requirements.
Custom Law Library Gain access to the largest law library on the market, encompassing the most jurisdictions of any in the world.
Intelligent Search Expand your knowledge of the evolving legal and regulatory landscape with advanced research capabilities.
Curated Content Zero in on legal areas that are the most applicable to your organization to enhance efficiency and credibility.
Regulatory Intelligence - Compliance Management

Compliance Management

With a custom-made law library curated specifically for your organization, you can be confident in your regulatory compliance while saving considerable time.

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preemptive risk management
Preemptive Risk Management Track regulatory changes ahead of time so your organization stays ahead of the compliance curve.
Card 2
Support for Controls Create controls to reduce your organization’s risk, leveraging automated task generation for evidence collection.
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Control-Policy Agreement Ensure that controls are aligned with your organization’s policies to maintain internal compliance and GRC standards.
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Regulatory Areas of Focus Select a segment of your law library to focus on a specific legal topic in a jurisdiction relevant to your organization.

Where You’ll Find Regology

Our platform can be used across industries, seeing broad application in these particular areas.

Versatile Integration

Regology runs seamlessly with existing software applications, providing a reliable, accessible platform experience for regulatory compliance professionals.

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