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On-demand Webinar: Preparing for the New Age in Gambling Compliance

Hear from industry experts about the state of regulatory compliance in gaming and gambling.

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Gaming and gambling compliance is the new frontier for regulators and operators alike. With more legalization in different states across the US and some Canadian provinces, there is also regulatory diversity with state-specific requirements. The legislative change is constant, while the scrutiny around regulatory compliance remains stringent. Unsurprisingly, the challenges are many – from understanding the different regulatory requirements to keeping up-to-date with the large volume of updates. And as the number of new entrants in the industry grows, regulatory compliance can become a competitive advantage.

In this webinar our panel of experts, comprised of Mukund Goenka (Co-Founder and CEO, Regology), and Steve Kastner (VP Compliance, Play Digital), together with moderator Jessica Welman (Editor, SBC Americas) will be discussing the following topics:

• Proactively preparing to enter new markets.

• Maintaining regulatory compliance as a gaming and gambling operator.

• Identifying the right automation tools for today’s regulatory compliance scope.

• Enabling your team to collaborate more effectively to reduce regulatory risk.

• And more!

During the webinar, you will gain actionable insights and best practices for your compliance management that you can start implementing going forward. This is a must-see for anyone working in the ever-changing space of gambling compliance and regulation.

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