Regology – Regulatory Intelligence Platform for Gaming

Are you a gaming organization struggling to keep up with regulatory change and compliance? Watch this video overview of how Regology's Regulatory Intelligence Platform for Gaming can help solve your regulatory compliance challenges.

Gaming laws and regulations are growing exponentially and change often as the industry evolves. So, if you get tired just thinking about trying to keep up, we get it!

But what if you had the latest gaming laws at your fingertips?

What if you had a simplified and streamlined way to stay current with existing, revised, and new laws that apply to your operation?

Meet Regology!

Regology is a regulatory intelligence platform that empowers gaming organizations to:

  • Eliminate manual spreadsheets and processes
  • Increase visibility into new regulatory developments 
  • Comply with the latest gaming regulations in any jurisdiction
  • Reduce spending on third-party consultants and regulatory content providers
  • Align your KYC and AML programs with the latest protocols and sanction lists, and
  • Incorporate applicable crypto and digital asset laws to better protect against illicit transactions

Regology’s end-to-end regulatory change and compliance management solutions let you:

  • Save time with our Smart Law Library that organizes and automatically updates laws applicable to you,
  • Quickly sort regulations by topic to better map policies, risks, and controls,
  • Reduce the noise and only receive applicable regulatory alerts and route them to the right person, and
  • More! 

With Regology’s tailored approach to your gaming organization’s needs, you will see up to a 95% reduction in regulatory alert noise and spend 80% less time on process reviews!

And, with the time, resources, and money you save, you can focus on what matters most: building the safest environment and the best experience for your players.


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