Regology Regulatory Intelligence Platform
Pricing and Features

Whether you’re a Fortune 500, a startup, or somewhere in between, choose the plan that’s right for your organization’s regulatory change management and compliance needs.


Starting at $995/month

Get started with a single user solution for US regulatory change management.

Per User Price

US Federal + All 50 States

Bills, Regulatory Changes, & Agency Updates

Up to 5 Topics Included

Search Within All US Content

Dashboards & Reporting


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Access the entire Regology Platform with customizable coverage and teams.

Scalable User Pricing

US Federal + All 50 States

Global Jurisdictions Available

Bills, Regulatory Changes, & Agency Updates

Customizable Regulatory Topics

Search Across 10M+ Documents

Group Workflows

Compliance Management

GRC Integrations

24/7 Support

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Legal & Regulatory Content

Regulatory Topics
Up to 5 Included
Customizable Regulatory Topics
US Federal Coverage
US State Coverage
All 50 States
All 50 States
Global Coverage Available
Agency Updates
Regulatory Changes
Law Changes
Bills Tracking
Intelligent Search
Within all US Content
Across 10M+ Documents

Intelligence & Horizon Scanning

Automated Tracking of Legislation & Regulations
Automated Alerts from Government Agencies
Tracking of Citations, Clauses, & Requirements
Version Tracking for Legislative & Regulatory Content
Bill Tracking: Impact of Bills on Laws and Regulations
Enforcement Actions


Regulatory Change Impact Assessment Workflow
Map Policies, Risks, and Controls to Regulatory Clauses

Dashboards & Reports

Download Reports
Automatically Email Reports
Configurable Dashboards
Report at Company, Team, and Individual Levels

Compliance Management

Risk Management
Task Management
Policy Management
Controls Testing


GRC Integrations (e.g., ServiceNow, Archer, Diligent, and more)
Custom API Integrations
Integration Available for Multiple Workflows


In-App Access to Support
Customized Legal Research Support
24/7 Cloud IT Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Regology is catered to meet your unique industry needs. Some of the industries we already serve include banking, gaming, cryptocurrency, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. A more detailed list can be found here.

We offer several solutions depending on the size of your team, the jurisdictions in which you’re active, and the topics required for these jurisdictions. Smaller teams can leverage our Professional Plan while larger teams with expanded presence or custom requirements can leverage our Enterprise Plan. For more information, please contact a Regology representative.

The Regology platform has built and organized the largest connected collection of laws and regulations in the world. This collection is self-updating with the help of Regology AI. You can track the bills, regulatory changes, and agency updates that could impact your business by activating the legal content.

We do! Get started with a free trial by requesting a trial above.