By: Regology

Aug 1, 2020


Global security updates for all tracked agencies.

September 2020

Europe – European Data Protection Board – Thirty-seventh Plenary session: Guidelines controller-processor, Guidelines targeting social media users, taskforce complaints CJEU Schrems II judgement, taskforce supplementary measures

Poland – Polish DPA imposes 100 000 PLN fine on the Surveyor General of Poland

Poland – Polish DPA imposes a Penalty of a Reprimand for the Processing of Students’ Personal Data

US – NSA, National Cryptologic Museum Foundation Reveal Design Plans for State-of-the-Art Cyber Center for Education and Innovation

August 2020

Canada – Updated Privacy Guide for Businesses

Europe – National Credit Register (BKR) fined for personal data access charges

UK – Directory of UK Safety Tech Providers

US – SEC Proposes Data Security Enhancements to the CAT NMS Plan