Cybersecurity Throughout the Pandemic

By: Regology

Jun 3, 2020


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to travel throughout the world, security agencies are raising awareness as hackers are taking advantage of the increase of employees working from home. With resources and guidelines, we are on the road to a safer, and more secure digital environment.

  1. AustraliaCyber Security for Agents of Government Services
  2. New ZealandCOVID-19: Useful Cyber Security Resources
  3. Hong KongGuide on Secure Video Conferencing
  4. IndiaDemand for Cyber Security and Privacy to increase post COVID-19 disruption, as the push for Digitization will grow
  5. Ireland Newsletter | May – Bealtaine 2020 / Cyber Ireland’s First Anniversary
  6. MalaysiaCybersecurity Malaysia Keluar Nasihat Keselamatan Dan Amalan Terbaik- Kerja Dari Rumah (Work from Home)
  7. PhilippinesDICT calls on gov’t agencies to update their ICT equipment and software
  8. SingaporeMHA-CSA-ELD Advises Political Parties about Threat of Foreign Interference in Elections and Cybersecurity Risks
  9. USCISA Publishes Guidelines for 911 Centers Regarding Pandemic
  10. CanadaStaying Cyber-Healthy During COVID-19
  11. EuropeSecuring smart infrastructure during the COVID-19 pandemic
  12. UKCOVID-19: Moving your business from the physical to the digital
  13. IsraelDesignating Cybersecurity Firms as Emergency Service Providers